Needs Assessments

A donor has an idea and wants to give your organization the resources to make it happen. You're not sure if it fits with your mission. 

A staff member just got back from a conference and is filled with energy and excitement about something s/he learned that a peer is doing elsewhere. Should you try to replicate it?

An historic program that your organization has been sponsoring for decades seems to be running out of steam, but you don't know for sure that it's past is use-by date.


What should you do?


You need a needs assessment to give you hard data to supplement the anecdotes that often drive non-profit work.  We will impartially assess what you're facing and make recommendations based on fact instead of feelings.

Being a good steward of donor dollars means using every resource of the organization in a what meets real needs and makes solid sense.

Let us know if you're ready to explore the needs you're aiming to address.

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